Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time for rest and recovery

The recovery phase is very important because it helps in bodybuilding muscle growth. The complete and incomplete recoveries active, passive, are the four types of recovery during exercise.
program for bodybuilding-Time for rest and recovery

A fitness training causes several types of fatigue. Muscle fatigue is the most famous, but it is not always that the body will have a harder time recovering. For the body, which is often the hardest part is to recover from joint fatigue (that is to say, fatigue due to tensions suffered by your joints, tendons, etc..), But also sometimes nervous fatigue, if your workout is based on heavy exercises, or includes many intensification techniques.

Recovery is an essential phase of muscle growth. It is during this phase that adaptation occurs and the muscles grow. The recovery is the central point of progression, as well as training.

Recovery begins when strength training, between sets. There are 5 ways to precede recovery:

- Active recovery: a long and very light for an antagonist muscle during the session series. Here, there is a recovery which in order to allow you to continue your exercise a little more effective on the next series. It is, therefore, an optimized recovery between sets.

- Passive recovery: we do nothing at all, it sits waiting for the next series or the next training

- Full recovery: one year again when we have fully caught his breath and heart rate returned to normal;

- Incomplete recovery: if you do not yet 100% recovered from the previous series and that is always a little breathless ... it is a technique to make increased training harder.

- Scrub: often used in collective sports, a little light training session low intensity improves recovery after a tiring match, promoting blood circulation and the elimination of metabolic waste.

Between sessions, the recovery is to allow the muscles to grow, but also the body to recover from general fatigue produced by the sport and to strengthen joints.

This last point is crucial because it is often the joint and tendon recovery is longer. If it is not enough, it can cause injury, such as tendonitis. This type of injury is a limiting factor in bodybuilding because it can stop training for several weeks.

And there is also the principle of a reminder in order to drain the energy reserves between two workouts, making a very light session reminder to drain energy reserves for.

Finally, we discuss the issue of rest time between sets, which is crucial to the type of work you want to do (strength, endurance, ...) and can be used to modulate the intensity of your workout weights.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


program for bodybuilding_carbohydrates
Sugars, or carbohydrates, are the noble fuel the body and are involved in brain function. This report presents the various forms of available carbohydrate and interest in sports nutrition, especially in bodybuilding.

Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel the body with fat, they who provide the energy necessary for the life of cells, muscle contractions and reflections of our brain. They play an important role in anabolism and recovery, but also to improve the efficiency of protein whey powder type.

But beware, there are several types of carbohydrates, each with their own characteristics. You must learn to use them. Depending on what you want to do (weight gain, dry, lose fat, have energy during training, ...) you will not use the same type of carbohydrate.

Above all, we must first understand some specific carbohydrates concepts, it is important not to mix:

- Slow or fast sugar: set the speed of assimilation

- Simple or complex carbohydrates: determines the size of molecule, but not necessarily the speed of assimilation, as a complex sugar can also be quick

- Glycemic index: it gives the speed at which the digestion of carbohydrates will increase the production of insulin, the anabolic hormone responsible for the use or storage of carbohydrates.

In addition, we will present tips for the best use of carbohydrates before and during your workout weights. Proper use of sugars at the right time is a great way to improve your performance in your room and progress in terms of muscle mass.

1g of carbohydrate is 4 kcal. Carbohydrates have the same energy value as proteins, but more than two times less than the lipids.


Hit-high intensity training

program for bodybuilding_Arthur Jones
The High Intensity Training is a training where we do a series with muscle in full body with 2-3 sessions per week, 45 minutes per session, heavyweight and failure for each series. It is a method created in 1970 by Arthur Jones.

HIT for High Intensity Training is a training method created in the 70s by Arthur Jones, a man and an atypical body-builder. In addition to his training method, it has also created weight machines (Nautilus machines), whose goal is to allow the best use of its technical work to optimize progress. This is quite a unique and comprehensive approach: it creates a specific training program, but also machines to achieve it.

The originality of this program is to provide a training place where you do one set per muscle, working the whole body each time, in full body. This is a totally different approach from what we usually know, for most programs, several training exercise per muscle, and several sets per exercise is carried out.

To validate the method, he took as an example a large body-builder of the time: Casey Viator and "proven" that the sport was able to take a significant amount of muscle while losing fat and it very rapidly using his method of training. Of course, this test has been severely criticized by his many detractors, and there is still some debate, and the effectiveness of this method.

There are fans that his fan Height Intensity Training and would never use any other method of training, and there especially the vast majority of practitioners believe that this method is completely ineffective and do not wish to use. For my part, I was able to test it one time and I was satisfied. However, this is clearly not a method for beginners because it requires perfect mastery exercises.

To summarize the HIT: one set per muscle, full-body workout program with 2-3 weight training sessions per week, 45 minutes per session, using trucks and failure for each series.

There must be three sets per exercise!

In this article, we explain why it is advisable to do 3 sets of work per exercise and not exercises with 4, 5 or 6 series. Make too many series is useless because it decreases the intensity, but make a smaller number is very difficult technically.

program for bodybuilding

Do not do 4 sets or more:

First, let's see why do 4, 5 or 6 sets of work exercise is too. As you know, the goal to be sure you have set sufficient intensity in your exercise, and reach failure on your last set of work.

If you use 6 series, so you will have to take a very low weight, in order to succeed, for example 6 sets of 10 reps and reach failure in the sixth round. This means that on your first 3 to 4 rounds, you would actually have made a couple of rehearsals. And, so these first three or four rounds have not been any real utility, except you tired because the intensity of work on the series was too low.

Making a single series, One set / HIT:

But then, one might ask the question of interest to more than one series. In fact, just take the maximum weight that can be used to make a series of work, with a failure on this series. It is a method called One Set / HIT, which works, but is very complex to set up.

To successfully get the most out of a single set of work, you must:

- Very familiar with his body to know exactly how much weight to use;

- Excellent ability to concentrate and a great mastery of movement to successfully execute our exercise with a heavy weight;

- Have sufficient experience to successfully go to failure on the first set while managing to not degrade too technical;

- Pass to all on a single set of work performed directly after heating.

It is for this reason that, apart from very experienced practitioners, it is really not advisable to do one series. Simply because it is difficult to succeed in making a single set of productive work.

In addition, this raises another problem: it would use a much more important to make three weight. And, the problem is that experienced practitioners already lift heavy enough weight, it use to them to look for methods to increase further, otherwise further traumatize their joints.

Do 2 sets, this is the same problem, although there with some control and experience it becomes more feasible. Make two sets is a good way to save time. But again carefully, you should know it.

Do 3 sets:

It is for this reason that we generally recommend performing three sets of work because it allows to have a right to make mistakes, and "miss" a series without penalizing your training. Three series allows you to use heavy enough weight, while allowing you to have several "tests" and sufficient intensity.

However, be careful because in bodybuilding nothing is stagnant and for some it will be advisable to make more than three sets of work: for example, for beginners who will learn the movements, which deliberately seek to limit the weight of work injured athletes ...

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Number of sets and repetitions (Part 2)

program for bodybuilding Speed ​​exercises:

The exercises should be done at different speeds depending on the type of training:

- Heavy and very heavy workouts are done in an explosive manner to allow the use of the heaviest possible load and thus best to foster the nervous system and muscles.

- The lighter workouts will be more slow and controlled. Beginners should also be applied to control the load and learn the movement and avoid exercises too quickly to allow better muscular sensations.

The number of sets:

With a view to taking mass, the ideal is to practice heavy sets (8-12 repetitions), we will only three series,so that put the heaviest possible.

Depending on your resilience and employee training format, you can go to failure and half body split, but be careful not to go to failure on each set, but the last set of each exercise, otherwise excessive strain your nervous system and slow your progress.

Note that beginners do not have the ability to make very intense sessions must compensate by taking a little less recovery time between sets.

Part 1

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Number of sets and repetitions (Part 1)

The number of repetitions depends on your goal.

Heavy series (8-12) repetitions are generally more effective to work the volume. For the number of sets, 3 is enough to work well.

There are several factors for muscle gain, burning and congestion (when the muscles swell gorging blood) are the least productive use is more productive "heavy-duty".

Use heavy loads

It is therefore, necessary to define what these heavy loads, in fact according to the number of repetitions, we will train different aspects of performance:

- The heavy series, that is to say, with less than 5 repetitions, promote the development of the nervous system and therefore strength, not muscle mass because muscle fatigue is low due to the short duration of the series. So we will make short and heavy sets with long rest time, 3 to 5 minutes, to allow our bodies to reproduce the intensity of effort in order to increase its maximum strength.

- A heavy training corresponds to sets of 8 to 12 repetitions, it will promote muscle growth and not the nervous system. Indeed, nervous fatigue is less important, but the metabolic muscle strain is more, it allows a much more traumatic muscularly and therefore greater overcompensation work. We use rest periods long enough 1min30 to 3 minutes. This type of training is the most effective way to develop muscle mass and is the one most frequently used, it also increases the maximum force, but unless a program heavy series.

-A light workout is a workout of 12 reps and more. There are mainly promotes congestion and burning, and the focus is on the hormonal adjustment resulting from this type of training, indeed lactic acid for example is a precursor of testosterone. Moreover, these workouts are meant to improve the size of glycogen (carbohydrates present in the muscle) and thus slightly increase muscle mass. Rest time is short, from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Here, the nervous system is much less put to use and the charge is too low to allow the destruction of important muscle tissue, we focus mainly on the energy reserves of the muscle.

Be careful however, as an experienced practitioner can make a series of 10 with a heavy weight.

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The basic training

program for bodybuilding
The training adapts to stress the muscle and therefore increase. For this, there are different ways of working (higher loads, full body, split routine, ...). In addition, basic exercises or isolation exercises can work endurance, strength and mass.

The General Adaptation Syndrome is what governs muscle growth. It defines the adaptation of the body (muscles to grow) at a given stress (the weight training), have provided the means (rest, nutrition, ...). Note, as we will see that this adaptation is specific and that the transfer of power between two exercises for the same is not always obvious.

Also be aware that you will advance on the criteria you select (strength, endurance, mass, ...) and it's not because you progress on an exercise for muscle gain that will be transferable to another exercise for the same muscle. Defining your goals are important.

  Progressive overload is the basis of training: for the adaptation syndrome is continuous, always bring more stress to the muscles, increasing expenses, but not only ... we will give you other tracks in folder.

Another important concept is the work function of your maximum strength. To gain muscle, it is considered that the ideal is between 60% and 77% of this force, but we will see that this is not always true!

Defining the type of workout (full body, half body or split routine) is also crucial because it is what will determine the whole structure of your workout.

Finally, the choice between the type of exercise (isolation exercise or base year) and how to make them (the working range) are also very important. The best is to combine the two types of exercises because they are complementary, and use the maximum amplitude that you can do with anatomy. And, everyone is not equal on this point: it all depends on your levers, arm length, the width of the torso ... So you need to adapt your range ensure your body, your muscle to work effectively without hurting yourself.

As you can see, many good ideas to master to progress well.

meal plan example for bodybuilding

Breakfast: 10egg whites two whole eggs.
program for bodybuilding

*Meal 2: 10oz salmon fillet, one cup broccoli, one cup carrots

*Meal 3: 10oz chicken breast, 7stems of asparagus, 1cup low fat cottage cheese

*Meal 4: protein shake, half cup peanut butter half cup almonds.

*Meal 5: 10oz chicken , 2 cups spinach, an orange, and a cup of plain Greek yogurt.

*Meal 6: 12oz tilapia, one full avocado, half cup walnuts.

Goals 100% lean mass gains, not bulking but not cutting, I want the happy medium.

  write your comment and leave your personal meal and your workout

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Chest Workout Level 3

program for bodybuilding chest exercises 

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Chest Workout Home Version

Level 1
Level 2



Dry weight: lose fat

program for bodybuilding
The dry weight is something more complex than a simple diet. It takes a good control of his power, but be careful to avoid the most common mistakes, not erase a few weeks the muscle gains you several months to acquire.

As a first step, we will define what a dry and what are the main principles for successful food know your hair. Remember that hair is not a simple diet: the aim is not only to lose weight. The goal is a little more specific and complex to achieve: lose fat, but without losing hard-earned muscle during your workouts bodybuilding.

  To do this, you must properly allocate different macro-nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, but without the use of percentages. In fact, a percentage distribution makes no sense because nutrient requirements are defined in grams compared to your body weight. Of these three nutrients, the adjustment variable is the amount of carbohydrates. They are the ones that will modulate to lose fat. In fact, losing fat does not mean eating less fat.

We will also see that even if the proteins play an essential role in a dry, it is not out of the question that they consume. In fact, they do not allow a proper functioning of the body if you do not consume this nutrient. Eat only protein is the best solution to degrade their health, but also miss his dry.

A very common error for a dry, is to try to change his workout, but also want to add too large a dose of cardio-training we see that these two solutions are to be avoided if you want to keep your muscles.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chest Workout Level 2

chest exercises 

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Chest Workout Home Version

Level 1

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program for bodybuilding_proteinsThe fame of protein in the world of bodybuilding and beyond is often accompanied by more or less

approximation to the true nature of this nutrient. This file is intended to provide an update on the subject.

Proteins are probably the most famous nutrient in bodybuilding, whether by practitioners, such as non-practicing.

Yet few really know their roles and modes of operation:

- For some, it is a magical nutrient that can build muscle significantly and quickly, without effort. We will, of

   course, that's not true. Protein helps the body to build muscle, but only if the dosage is correct and that the

body is placed in a favorable condition for this construction, thanks to bodybuilding.

- For others, it is a food that helps losing weight, as with dietary supplements type (Slim Fast), or the protein diet.

In addition, we see that it is not possible to talk block of proteins, as a generic term for this concept is

 broad and includes several things:

program for bodybuilding_proteins
- Animal protein
- Vegetable proteins
- Protein powder
- Amino acids

  Indeed, one can't speak of proteins not to mention amino acids, which are the basic constituents. It is they

who largely determine the quality and characteristics of a protein, whether in powder, or from food.

Last, it is sometimes good to remember: everyone eats every day protein (from meat, fish or eggs, but milk

and vegetables). This is not a doping or a nutrient hazardous to health.

Monday, April 8, 2013

How to choose your weight?

program for bodybuilding
To choose its weight, you can use a load by default, as shown below, but the easiest is to use one of two methods: either the 1 RM test, then take 60-70% or proceed by successive trials.

Define its weight when you start in bodybuilding is not always obvious.

Indeed, we do not know what to load on the bar or the machine was afraid to put too little and not enough straining the muscles, or put too much weight and getting hurt.
To try to find out what weight bodybuilding "ideal", there are two methods that we present here.

Calculation of RM:

This method is the most famous, yet it is not necessarily the best, even if it is faster.

The goal is to test your 1 RM (repetition maximum), that is to say, the heaviest load you can lift for one repetition of the exercise chosen.

To do this, it must therefore be heated, then gradually up the weight, and finally arrived in the heaviest weight possible.

Then, once you know the weight you apply a ratio (60-70%), which gives you your work weight.
Two drawbacks to this method RM:

- It requires to be tested.

Therefore,heavy lifting. Unwise when you start because it is not familiar with the movement, there is a risk of injury.

- The percentage to be used for this series is not necessarily a reliable indicator.

Iterative method:

This method is simply .... try it!

If you need to do 4 sets of 10 reps, make your 1 series with the weight that you think is good. If this is too easy, add a little weight, if it is too difficult, a little lower weight.

Do the same for each set of each exercise, and after one or two sessions of training, you have found the support you need.

How does it put weight when you start?

In addition to the two answers above, there is another solution that you can use to decide what charges to use as a beginner in bodybuilding: use load data below, for 3-4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions:

- Bench at the helm: 30 kg
- Military Developed bar: 12kg
- Neck Circulation: 30kg
- Squat: 30kg
- Deadlift: 30kg
- Curl bar: 12kg
- Dumbbell Curl: 5kg
- Triceps bar on the forehead with bulging triceps: 10kg

Note that these costs are given as a guide, they are an average for a beginner. But for some, they will be too heavy, so they are too small for others. The goal here is to have a magnitude of weight used in bodybuilding for beginners.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chest Workout Home Version

program for bodybuilding_chest workout home version
chest exercises 

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Chest Workout Home Version


chest exercises articles

What type of training practice?

The choice of the drive size (full body, half body or split routine) should be based on your level, your recovery and your ability to do intense training sessions.

There are three types of training, the training in full body in half body or split routine.

Each of these types of training has its advantages and disadvantages, and none is superior to another, however their characteristics are more or less fit you and your resilience and strength that you can put in each series.


Type training

We must understand that muscle growth responds to a stimulus: training. This stimulus will activate a gene that tells the body to build muscle. Indeed, raining damages the muscle, the body will then rebuild "a little bigger" then before. The logic is, therefore that it also causes often as possible to activate this gene, however, if the body and the muscles do not have enough time to recover and rebuild muscle growth will be greatly reduced, or no, this is what happens when over-training.

It therefore comes another important factor: the intensity of the session. By intensity we mean the ability of a practitioner to push his muscles to their maximum efforts in a series. And, a practicing beginner will have little strength due to his lack of training, an advanced practitioner will meanwhile a much greater ability to push the effort at its height, thanks to a better development of its nervous system, better concentration, ...

This intensity will therefore have a direct connection with the recovery time needed to muscle.

We need to find a good compromise between the intensity and frequency of training.

So someone with a good recovery can afford to train more often. But if the recovery is a problem it will reduce the frequency of training and focus on intensity. So if you increase the intensity, you must lower the frequency, and vice versa.


program for bodybuilding_full body
The full-body is to train the whole body in one session, 2-3 times per week.

It is advisable for beginners muscle because frequent repetition exercises allows them nervous and a learning adaptation faster movements. However, it is not just for beginners, in fact people with good recovery can afford to train as often. However, it comes at the cost of training intensity, it will be necessary to avoid go to failure, that is to say at the stage where we can't perform an additional repetition in a series.



Half Body:

program for bodybuilding_half bodyThe half body is in turn lead to the upper and lower body specifically, usually 2 times each week. We will be able to put more intensity in full-body, because different parts of the body will have a little more time to recover.

People with poor recovery can lead each side of the body every 5 days, which allows them to keep a good intensity while promoting recovery.


Split routine:

program for bodybuilding_split routine
Finally, the split routine puts priority on the intensity and not on the frequency of training, it is a single train each muscle once a week, so we will be able to go to failure and use techniques intensification. However, you need a good level to use these methods effectively increased.

By compensating the reductionof the frequency of the training intensity can make gains as high as the other methods.

People with poor recovery must avoid full-body and prefer the split routine, but if you do not like the split or are unable to put a lot of intensity in a session it is best to opt for the body half or full-body.


12 rules for a balanced diet

program for bodybuilding_rules for a balanced diet

Here are 12 simple rules of good nutritional sense, adapted to sedentary as athletes. They contribute to a balanced diet and let you check your diet.

Here are a few lines a set of rules that are easy to apply, participating in a balanced diet, good health and limiting fat intake.

1- Make real three meals a day, a protein shakes or snack is not a real meal;

2- Breakfast should be a full meal, including enough protein;

3- Every meal is taken at the table, sitting with a plate and cutlery, do not eat in a hurry watching TV;
4- There is "no" forbidden foods, only foods that must reduce consumption;

5- No snacking between meals unless you are in ground, and even in this case, it does not make a fat snacking, but snacks whose dose of carbohydrates and protein is calculated;

6- Do not eat standing up or on the street: take the time to sit and eat quietly;

7- Achieve a good balance between carbs / fat / protein: the three food groups are important, do not delete;

8- Contributions must be adapted to spending, so if you train more often you can / need to eat more, if you stop training, you will eat less;

9- Eat according to their appetite or objectives (slightly more if you want to grow muscle, slightly less if you want to lose weight fat), do not eat out of habit or just to look;

10- In case of intensive practice of bodybuilding or any other sport, consider adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables for vitamins, minerals and fiber, but also for your body basified (excess protein acidifies the blood).

Two more points to note:

11- The balance is not built on a meal, but on one or more days. Is a gap or a lack of a meal can and must make the following meals;

12- A full meal is composed from the major food groups. At least one meal contains a protein source (meat, fish, eggs, ...), a carbohydrate source (fruit, vegetables, cereals, ...) and a lipid source (fish fat, vegetable oil, nuts, ...). -->

Women and muscles

Naturally, it is impossible to become too muscular for a woman. Women gain more slowly than men because initially, they have less power, more fragile joints, thinner bones, muscle, etc.

program for bodybuilding_women and musclesThus, the risk of becoming too muscular for women is very low.

"I do not want to become like schwarzy" is a phrase that comes up quite often. It simply means, "I do not want to get too muscular that is to say:

- Deformed his body,
- Look like a bodybuilder man.

  The important thing to realize is that it is simply impossible for the natural (without doping product) for a woman to take too much muscle. In fact, the women leave with several disadvantages to progress in bodybuilding:

- Less force out;
- Joints more fragile;
- Thinner frame;
- Male hormone (testosterone, a highly anabolic hormone) less important;
- Etc.

All these parameters are that women are at least as fast as men's muscle.

In all cases, it takes years of hard training to progress and reach a certain level (s) may qualify TOO muscular. Natural for a man, it may take ten years, sometimes more, most can never reach that level. For women, it's even longer to gain muscle.

It has only to look at the people who are training room, they are far from being all very muscular, yet a number of them dope. So girls, do not worry: if men, who have a better constitution fail to become very muscular, there is little chance that you become in a few weeks or months of training.

So here you go, as a woman, you have many years of bodybuilding workouts before taking a lot of muscle and become too muscular. -->

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Program for bodybuilding_The LAFAY

program for bodybuilding_lafayThe LAFAY method (created by Olivier Lafay, and launched in April 2004) is a method of fitness without equipment, consisting of 13 levels. Before starting, you are asked to do a test (consisting of exercises like push- ups, dips, pull-ups) to assess your fitness level. Depending on the result, you will be directed to the level best suited to your current strength.

The training itself consists of a warm-up, followed by a sequence of several years (6 years and older) with a relatively short period of rest, followed by a warm-up phase. Once you have achieved the objectives set by the level where you are now, you can move on. Each level has different exercises, different amplitudes, the difficulty is increasing and drives all different from one level to another.

  The ultimate goal is absolutely not to arrive at the highest level possible because the level two may very well help you develop both physically and level 6. Thus, it is rather recommended changing level when you are tired of it, when you are unable to move, either physically or number of repetitions performed.
The method exists in men's sizes, but also a women's version, and is intended for all, regardless of age, without restriction. 

program for bodybuilding


Bodybuilding at home

program for bodybuilding- bodybuilding at homeMuscles at home requires very little equipment in order to achieve an effective training program. You can even have a bodybuilding program without any equipment, just with a traction bar.

Resistance training at home is a great solution for those who do not want or can't go to a gym. Whether for reasons of time or savings, to train at home is an equally effective alternative. As you will see from reading this article, it is not at all necessary to have latest equipment to successfully grow and get results in bodybuilding. It is possible to train with very little equipment or even with virtually no equipment.

Bodybuilding at home

  At home, you can opt for a conventional weight training with dumbbells and bars, or opt for programs without equipment, such as Lafay method or program for the torso presented in this case.

Lafay method provides guidance to train at home and progress for several months or years (depending on your current level and your goal) while being totally guided by the book. This book will offer you a set of exercises, but also training programs to advance continuously.

However, I personally recommend all the same to have a minimum weight bench and a draw-bar, a pair of dumbbells and a barbell. With this material, which does not cost much, you can work your entire body completely and for several years.

In any case, and whatever your choice, you have to know one thing: training at home is very effective workout in a gym. It is not at all necessary to have the latest modern muscle machines, or all devices with an assortment of pulleys, ropes and handles to move the right way in bodybuilding for many years.

So if you want your muscles, you can't use the excuse of training at home for not looking forward to the most.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nutrition and balanced diet

program for bodybuilding-DiETbalanced diet is achieved when it does not take body fat, it avoids the shortcomings and retains shape and health. This requires a fine balance between variety, quantity and quality of inputs.

   A balanced diet is a broad concept that includes all the good eating habits to be healthy, do not be deficient and not to fat.We often think that food is something simple, whose sole purpose is to bring us the calories needed to live and play sports, as well as sufficient to build muscle proteins. However, power is something larger and more complex. It must cover our basic nutritional intake by providing carbohydrates, fats and proteins, but also vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fiber, water, ...No food eaten alone (even the best protein powder or the best weight gainer) is not complete enough to bring all these elements in the correct proportions. Our diet must consist of a variety of foods, which between them allow us to provide all that is necessary for our body and if possible just what is needed (not to take unnecessary fat). 

We must find a balance.

 In the diet, there is no bad food or prohibited with the exception of unsaturated fats, oils, animal fats, bread, sugar, pasta [...] are often maligned foods, but are not in themselves a threat to a balanced diet. Alone is often too dangerous to do that we use. All these foods are labeled bad actually essential to our balance, but if you know how to measure them. A good stew or a McDonalds' are not harmful eating habits, simply avoid abuse. 

There is therefore "no" forbidden foods, just foods whose consumption should be limited. To have a balanced diet, one should consume each family food (carbohydrates, proteins, but also lipids), so we must "eat everything". For cons, the consumption of each family food should be adjusted according to the physical activity.This is very important for us, practitioners training. Compared to sedentary (a person practicing any sport), we need to increase our intake of carbohydrates to have enough energy for training and especially protein for muscle recovery and growth.  

Attention carbohydrates does not mean simply sugars because all carbohydrates are not equal, and some are preferred or avoided (we return to this point in the case devoted to carbohydrates).

balanced diet of sport is based on the food mix and choice of good sources of nutrients, as well as the adaptation of the volume of food in terms of its physical activity.

Catching a weak point

Weak point

It is quite simply a muscle behind the other and break the line. Ie at first glance it appears that the practitioner is less developed here compared to his other muscles.

This may be in large parts of the body like legs surmounted by a fine big top (diagram we see too often in the rooms), on sets of muscle groups as a good bust and no arms or good legs and no calves, on protagonists-antagonists muscles (quadriceps / hamstrings, chest / back, biceps / triceps ...) or, and here it becomes finer, the different parts of a single muscle : for example the biceps developed within arm but on the outside curve (long stretch) or a low chest high but well rounded all flat.

The causes of weaknesses

Several causes are possible, but must first distinguish a real weak spot a fake. And yes, if you do not have legs, but you do not train it is not a weak point in either! It is simply the nature of the human body adapts to stimuli received, and no stimulation to drive not equal muscle growth.You may have already experienced this personally or have known someone in your life who after joint injury was seen wearing a cast for several weeks.

 As we took away the area immobilized atrophied, which is the most perfect example.If your weakness is due to a lack of training, do not worry it is easier to correct. Just take care of the weakest work priority, such as early stage or sitting when you're the fittest, progress should not delay!By cons, if you are in the case of muscles worked regularly, so here we are dealing with a real weak point, which does not react properly to the drive. Start by analyzing your training. 

 Here are some thoughts to help you: do you work in the area late too often and as hard as the rest of the body? Feel the muscle work? What training method do you use it and is it the same as other muscles? In long series? Strength? Racing or partial? Etc ... In short THINK!But the cause may be genetic. Here the list can be very long, but include bulk: a muscle insertions little benefit, which can give a short muscle, with little hard because of the lever arms disadvantageous a significant percentage of type I muscle fibers (fibers called endurance limited potential for hypertrophy), poor irriguation nervous etc ...

Solutions to implement

If you do not feel the muscle working, the most important change that. Priority is muscular sensation to feel the area and worked to push muscular failure. On the other hand, you've probably noticed that your strengths react very quickly to training. In some series congestion and muscle fatigue are there and we feel even better work. The goal is that the same is true for your weaknesses.

At first you apply to make series lighter and longer for the technical implementation as perfect as possible. Concentrate up to feel the area worked with a rather slow pace of implementation and voltage. Force like a madman, taking the momentum is going to help you! Your new way to help develop a motor pattern, ie one mind-muscle finer and efficiently.Pre-fatigue is also a good solution.

 Not felt in the chest bench? No problem, do an isolation exercise to start, eg with dumbbells apart and chain series with the bench immediately. Your chest will already exhausted and other stabilizing muscles synergistic and smaller (anterior deltoids, triceps) will not be the limiting factor and your chest will go to failure! 

Electrostimulation may also be considered although expensive at the hardware level (count 500 to 600 euros for a powerful stimulator) and complicated to implement.The most important thing is that all the muscles of the body are different, so what works for some will not work for others. 

You have a weak point, ok no problem training will be focused on! But not to go into overtraining, reduce the strengths in the work to a minimum and matraquez your weaknesses. The fact that under certain muscles will cause your body to be able to focus more fully on the weak points further worked. You will not lose your strengths, they just stagnerons but when the delay will be filled, and rework the normally 2-3 weeks, they will be at the top. 

The important thing is to be aware of its weaknesses and strive to catch up to get a physical and aesthetic most comprehensive possible, this course according to your desires. Your body is your topic, your tools are rest, nutrition and training, be your own sculptor. -->

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The water, combined athletes

Introduction :

Representing nearly 70% of our body weight, water is the most essential of all nutrients.The body reserves are modest and the external input is vital: a state of dehydration can lead to death in the worst case.

The role of water in the body


There are 3 major roles:

Plastic: as a main constituent of cells and tissues. Without water no cells, therefore no life.
Function: transport of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements), waste disposal, electrolytic.

Several elements of our body are in liquid (blood, plasma, lymph ...), and this state is the water which is the main constituent.

Heat as an element to cool the body (sweating). Water helps regulate our body temperature as you probably know must be maintained at around 37.5 °.
Note that in contrast to generate heat the body uses muscle (tremor), as we shall see a little later.

Loss and water intake

As you know we are all different, and this is also true for our body composition. Age, sex, and especially body composition (varying amounts between fat and muscle) vary the amount of water. Indeed, the muscle is 70% water while body fat contains only 23%. This explains the difference between template 2 people weighing the same weight more muscular you are, the more one is somehow dense, so with a smaller volume of the body.These data are the inputs and losses will vary depending on the individual but in general we lose 1.7 to 2.4 liters of water per day (urine, feces, respiration, transpiration). Losses it is mandatory to fill in maintaining the water balance of the body, under penalty of dehydration. Two elements to this: the food (a daily diet of about 2500 kcal per day brings 1-1.5 L of water anyway), the rest should come from beverages: 1-1.5 L, to replace losses. Do not drink too much during meals to avoid overloading the stomach. Prefer intake of beverages outside thereof.Water is the only drink indispensable, all other, be it fruit juice, soda or alcohol do that to include calories as sugar (4 kcal / g) and alcohol (7kcal/gramme) , but also vitamins and minerals.Excess water is eliminated through urine, and essential for allowing the elimination of nitrogenous waste (following the ingestion of protein) by the kidneys. So we eat more protein (in reasonable limits, of course, with a maximum of 1.6 g per kg of body weight beyond which there is no benefit for muscle development), plus you'll have s hydrate.In the case of a diet rich in carbohydrates, to an increase in glycogen (carbohydrate famous rebound), do not forget one gram of glycogen is associated with 2.7 grams of water to Hence the importance of hydration and consistently adapted to meet this storage.During exercise, water loss must be filled in as and effort (and even avoided with abundant moisture before the session) to avoid dehydration and its negative effects: decreased mental and physical performance cramps, vomiting and risk of death. 

The famous weighed before and after exercise, with a difference of weight often negative, does in fact just to see the amount of water lost from the body. Moreover, this difference is large, and the athlete is poorly hydrated ... to meditate!

The best way to stay hydrated during exercise

Guarantor of physical endurance performance as strength, proper hydration can increase performance (and especially avoid falling).Just as we often adheres to a feeding protocol around his training, he must have a unique approach to hydration.The capacity of the body to absorb drinks are limited, we must plan ahead and drink regularly throughout 15-20 minutes sips of water to start the session in the best hydration possible better than cure.For sports drinks (purchased or homemade), you must monitor the sugars and minerals. Isotonic drinks (containing a concentration equal to that of the body) are optimum in terms of their speed of assimilation. Too many carbs or not enough, and it loses in rapidity (pure water absorption leads to an isotonic drink less under certain conditions during exercise).

Keep it simple

To summarize, drinking is essential for life, good for performance, body and spirit (oops, I digress it feels like a pub with babies swimming ...).

Seriously hydration is a key component of athletic performance, follow the tips outlined, whose main: drink regularly in small quantities, and even select and given its price, choose water.