Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There must be three sets per exercise!

In this article, we explain why it is advisable to do 3 sets of work per exercise and not exercises with 4, 5 or 6 series. Make too many series is useless because it decreases the intensity, but make a smaller number is very difficult technically.

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Do not do 4 sets or more:

First, let's see why do 4, 5 or 6 sets of work exercise is too. As you know, the goal to be sure you have set sufficient intensity in your exercise, and reach failure on your last set of work.

If you use 6 series, so you will have to take a very low weight, in order to succeed, for example 6 sets of 10 reps and reach failure in the sixth round. This means that on your first 3 to 4 rounds, you would actually have made a couple of rehearsals. And, so these first three or four rounds have not been any real utility, except you tired because the intensity of work on the series was too low.

Making a single series, One set / HIT:

But then, one might ask the question of interest to more than one series. In fact, just take the maximum weight that can be used to make a series of work, with a failure on this series. It is a method called One Set / HIT, which works, but is very complex to set up.

To successfully get the most out of a single set of work, you must:

- Very familiar with his body to know exactly how much weight to use;

- Excellent ability to concentrate and a great mastery of movement to successfully execute our exercise with a heavy weight;

- Have sufficient experience to successfully go to failure on the first set while managing to not degrade too technical;

- Pass to all on a single set of work performed directly after heating.

It is for this reason that, apart from very experienced practitioners, it is really not advisable to do one series. Simply because it is difficult to succeed in making a single set of productive work.

In addition, this raises another problem: it would use a much more important to make three weight. And, the problem is that experienced practitioners already lift heavy enough weight, it use to them to look for methods to increase further, otherwise further traumatize their joints.

Do 2 sets, this is the same problem, although there with some control and experience it becomes more feasible. Make two sets is a good way to save time. But again carefully, you should know it.

Do 3 sets:

It is for this reason that we generally recommend performing three sets of work because it allows to have a right to make mistakes, and "miss" a series without penalizing your training. Three series allows you to use heavy enough weight, while allowing you to have several "tests" and sufficient intensity.

However, be careful because in bodybuilding nothing is stagnant and for some it will be advisable to make more than three sets of work: for example, for beginners who will learn the movements, which deliberately seek to limit the weight of work injured athletes ...

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