Friday, May 31, 2013

gain muscle fast

gain muscle fast
It is possible to gain muscle faster by following a few simple tips.

To grow muscle faster, do not work in force only make useful exercises and use nutrition   
 and supplements properly.

To gain muscle fast, increase muscle size more quickly, some basic tips can be useful to help you.

Do not seek strength

If you are looking to gain muscle fast, do not try to gain strength. Take the force is not a good way to gain muscle. Do not focus on weight lifted, but the muscles.

It should be understood that gain strength is different from gain muscles.

Medium series

This point is the point above. To gain muscle fast, do not make sets too short, so no work "heavy", using weights allowing you to make sets of 10 repetitions minimum and 15 to 20 maximum repetitions.

Supplements to gain muscle

Some basic supplements are very helpful in building muscle in general, such as whey protein or BCAA.
But if you want to have a larger more muscular appearance, fast, two other products can help you:
- Creatine: the first days of taking the Creatine cell volumizing product (often called water retention) which can take 2 to 3 kg and increase the volume of muscles quickly.

No finishes

When looking to gain muscle quickly, we must try to gain muscle mass, the big muscles quickly and efficiently.

To do this, we must not seek to finishes, not seek to isolate the work on a particular portion of the muscle. For example, for chest, working mass of coated developed or dips. Do not worry developed inclined to spread or prints the block opposite.

These isolation exercises can be used to improve the appearance of part of the muscle, but to increase the overall volume of muscle, they are useless.

Do not train every day

Want to progress quickly often leads to wanting to do too much: too many series, too much exercise and too many sessions.

This is a serious error, which can lead you to over training and regression. In bodybuilding "more" is not "better". Too much training can lead to muscle wasting. So pay attention, wanting to gain muscle fast, you may lose more.

Do not train every day, keep at least two days of rest per week.

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